How are men and women expected to dress?

You should aim to dress modestly out of respect for the local culture by keeping knees and shoulders covered while in public places.

Are you allowed to drink alcohol?

Alcohol is served in most hotels, golf clubs, nightclubs and some bars and restaurants. Have fun, but be mindful that you're visiting a Muslim country.

On what days does the weekend fall?

Friday and Saturday.

Are there any religious events and festivals to be aware of?

During Ramadan, Muslims fast during the day, so many cafés and restaurants may be closed until later in the evenings. Other businesses and transport may also work to shorter operating hours. Check before you book as the dates of Ramadan change each year.

Eid is marked with public holidays twice a year: at the end of Ramadan and between October and November. It's a time of celebration and feasting, and can be a great time to visit. Transport and businesses may work to different schedules.

What is the average cost of basic things, such as a meal or a taxi ride?

A three-course meal for two in a mid-range restaurant costs around £29, and minimum starting cost for taxis is £0.85.

How far is the airport from the main tourist area?

Fujairah Airport is 6.4 kilometers away. Dubai (DBX) airport is a 45 minute journey to Fujairah.

What's the best way to get around Fujairah?

By taxi – they're easily available and very affordable.

What currency is used in Fujairah?

United Arab Emirates Dirham (AED).

What is the time difference?

Fujairah is four hours ahead of GMT/UK time.

How long does it take to fly to Fujairah?

Just about 8 hours and 21 minutes.

Any other useful things to know?

While Fujairah welcomes many tourists from other countries, you should be aware that its laws and customs are different to those in the UK.

What is unique about Fujtown Tours?

Here at Fujtown, we believe that you should get quality and value for the amount you spend. When it comes to our tours, we are passionate about allowing you to explore the East Coast region – one that is left “untouched” so you have stories to tell when back home! Also, our tours are all-inclusive so once you make your payment; you don’t have to worry about additional costs!

Can we alter the tour to our requirements?

Definitely! Send us an e-mail at tourism@fujtown.com or call us on 00971 9 22 44 200 and book your unique tour with us! From accommodation to transportation to activities, tell us about your ideal tour and we’ll organize it for you!

What is the cancellation policy?

Cancellation two weeks prior to the trip date results in a 25% charge of the tour price.

Cancellation a week prior to the trip date results in a 50% charge of the tour price.
Cancellation three days prior to the trip date results in a 100% charge of the tour price.

What is the minimum amount of passengers per tour package?

We suggest a minimum of 4 passengers per packed tour. However for private tours, it all depends on client requirements!

What kind of activities does Fujtown provide?

We take you hiking, parasailing, on a yacht cruise, to a private farm and locally-constructed museum! We have it all for you to witness, you’re just a few clicks away!

Can I arrange for transportation services from another Emirate?

Definitely! We have pick-up and drop-off services from all over the UAE!


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