History and Culture Tour

Discover the historical and emblematic UAE with the Fujtown historical and cultural tour. Visit the heart of Fujairah, study about old generation culture and lifestyle featuring bucolic and gastronomic artifacts, cultural dresses, architectural jewels, weapons and more! A magnificent experience exploring classical castles and Mosques, archaeological destinations and more symbolic places in Fujairah.

·       Pick-up from client’s residence or nearby landmark.

·       Enjoy the mountainous journey to Fujairah – the tour will begin with exploring the Hajar Mountains – trekking and hiking is optional (depending on client requirements). It is highly recommended to keep your camera on you at all times!

·      The tour will then proceed to Fujairah Museum. Gain insight into the UAE’s history and culture with our local guided tours!

·     You’ll not only visit but you will get to explore castles and forts which still stand strong in Fujairah. The city is rich in its architecture and history, experience the lifestyle and have even more cultural stories to tell when back home!

·       Indulge in Emirati cuisine and record your journey along the way!

·     Have you still got your camera on you? Good, because now you’ll witness bull-fighting! A different concept from Europe, the Emirati tradition is less gruesome and is practiced to only highlight strength in the animals and pride in their owners. Fujairah is the only Emirate where it is practiced and we cannot have you leave without witnessing it all!

What’s included?

ü  Transportation

ü  Food and Beverage

ü  Essential amenities

ü  Local guided tours

ü  Entrance to all forts, castles and museums

ü  A wonderful and culturally-enriching experience!


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